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STI/ITI Expedited Plan Review

For Office, R&D, and Industrial Uses

  • Special Tenant Improvements (STI)
  • Industrial Tool Installations (ITI)

Speed and a design team in synch with local building processes are invaluable to a development project on a timetable. For qualifying projects, the City of San José offers an expedited plan review that facilitates such efficiency and consensus. Applicants pay a 50% surcharge over the regular plan review fee, listed in San José’s Building Fee Schedule . Benefits include:

One Start Permit Process

Expedited plan review brings the applicant’s design professionals together with the City’s full development services team, which is comprised of expert staff from Planning, Building, Fire Prevention, and Public Works departments. This full intersection enables on-the-spot creative resolution of questions and issues concerning the project’s design and compliance.

Coordinated Inspection Services

Expedited plan review includes coordination for the efficient scheduling of project inspections.

Financial Incentives

Industrial projects, including high tech offices, qualify for reduced construction taxes. For all qualifying applicants, project phasing and payment options may be available.

Preliminary Design Review Assistance

Upon request, we provide preliminary review meetings for design consultants to discuss code and process issues specific to your project.

Unlimited Review Scope

There are no limits to size or complexity for qualifying projects.


Program Manager Lisa Joiner, S.E., CASp
(408) 535-7757

Development Coordinator Emily Lipoma
(408) 535-7903

Economic Development Chris Burton
(408) 535-8114

For project inquiries and submittals, email

Find the necessary forms at Commercial / Industrial Buildings Forms and Information

San José’s review team met our expedited timetable and facilitated the permit process, helping us build Brocade’s new world-class headquarters in San José.

Michael Klayko, CEO, Brocade

A PDF handout version of this information is available on our Building Handouts and Forms page.