Updates on City of San José Services and/or Operations . (English | Español | Tiếng Việt | 中文)

Citywide Planning

Area Plans
Review the Area Plans for specific larger areas of San José.

General Plan
The Envision San José 2040 General Plan represents the official policy and blueprint for the amount, type, and phasing of development needed to achieve the City’s social, economic, and environmental goals.

Housing Element
The Housing Element of the Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan outlines how the City will accommodate its portion of the regional housing need during the 2014-2022 time period.

Specific Plans
The City Council has approved several Specific Plans for key locations in San José to foster transit-oriented development, historic preservation, mixed uses, sensitivity to surrounding neighborhoods, and other strategic goals. A detailed land use plan, design guidelines, and implementation strategy guide the future land use development in each of these plan areas.

Working with nonprofits, neighborhoods, art groups, the Office of Cultural Affairs, and other partners, the City embraces placemaking, a range of urban design approaches and activities to connect people with places and public spaces in San José.

Urban Villages
As one of the strategies of the General Plan, San José is creating Urban Village Plans to accommodate the City’s growth. These villages are residential areas located within close proximity to commercial and public services.