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Diridon Station Area Plan

Approved by the City Council on June 17, 2014, the Diridon Station Area Plan (DSAP) established long-term goals for the area, including a land use plan, urban design guidelines, a framework for station expansion, transportation and parking strategies, housing strategies, and an art master plan. The plan integrates open space, transportation and land uses to create an expansion of Downtown San José, while respecting existing environments. The plan weaves new ideas and new development possibilities within existing city fabric and strong neighborhoods. The City Council's certification of the associated Environmental Impact Report provided clearance for maximum development capacities in the 240-acre area across three distinct zones: Northern, Central, and Southern. The total development capacity includes: 4,950,000 s.f. of commercial industrial, 420,000 s.f. of retail and/or restaurant, 2,588 residential units, and 900 hotel rooms.

Updating the Area Plan

The City is currently considering updates to the Diridon Station Area Plan. The absence of a baseball stadium, potential increases to building heights, planned improvements in the public right-of-way for streets and open space, an eventual new Diridon station, as well as a mixed-use development by Google will likely require a comprehensive amendment or preparation of a new DSAP.

For more information about the update process, including planning and development issues, please contact: Jose Ruano, Project Manager, at (408) 535-3803,

Community Outreach

In recognition of the significant public interest in the Diridon Station Area Plan, including a mixed-use development by Google, the City launched in 2018 a community engagement process that is expected to continue throughout the completion of the area plan update. The City of San José has managed this extensive civic engagement process to spur community conversation about issues and opportunities, refine the vision for the Diridon Station Area, and help inform the City’s negotiations with Google. The goal is to provide a balanced, inclusive, and effective two-way dialogue with a broad range of the San José community. For more information please visit:

For more information of how to get involved in the community outreach process please contact:
Lori Severino, Civic Engagement Program Manager, (408) 535-3537 or