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Envision San José 2040 Task Force Members

The Envision San José 2040 General Plan establishes a four-year review cycle, providing opportunity to evaluate the City’s achievement of key goals and mid-course adjustments to the General Plan. This work will be done through open, public meetings of the Envision San José 2040 Task Force and City Council. The list of Task Force Members was updated as of August 15, 2019 for Cycle 2 of the four-year review.

Envision San Jose 2040 Task Force Members List

The composition of the task force represents a combination of experienced prior members and newer appointees who can contribute to the diversity of thought and perspective, and includes:

  1. Teresa Alvarado, SPUR (Co-Chair)
  2. David Pandori, Former District 3 Councilmember (Co-Chair)
  3. Dev Davis, District 6 Councilmember
  4. Sylvia Arenas, District 8 Councilmember
  5. Pam Foley, District 9 Councilmember
  6. Melanie Griswold, Planning Commission
  7. Michelle Yesney, Planning Commission
  8. Linda LeZotte, Santa Clara Valley Water District
  9. Jessie O’Malley Solis, Valley Transportation Authority
  10. Luis Arguello, Local 270
  11. Asn Ndiaye, Working Partnerships USA
  12. Steve Solorio, City of San Jose Municipal Employees’ Federation
  13. David Bini, Santa Clara/San Benito Counties Building & Construction Trades Council
  14. Eddie Truong, Silicon Valley Organization
  15. Pat Sausedo, Building Industry Association
  16. Vince Rocha, Silicon Valley Leadership Group
  17. Nate LeBlanc, San Jose Downtown Association
  18. Karl Lee, Chinese American Real Estate Association
  19. Michael Van Every, Republic Urban Properties
  20. Erik Schoennauer, The Schoennauer Company
  21. Don Little, Trammell Crow Company
  22. Harvey Darnell, Neighborhood Organizations
  23. Juan Estrada, District 5 United Steering Committee
  24. Kiyomi Yamamoto, Greenbelt Alliance
  25. Jason Su, Guadalupe River Park Conservancy
  26. Kevin Zwick, Housing Trust
  27. Leslye Corsiglia, SV@Home
  28. Shiloh Ballard, SV Bicycle Coalition
  29. Andre Luthard, Preservation Action Council SJ
  30. Pastor Oscar Dace, Bible Way Christian Center
  31. Jim Zito, Evergreen School District
  32. Sam Ho, San Jose Evergreen Community College District
  33. Trixie Johnson, District 1 Representative
  34. Smita Patel, District 2 Representative
  35. Tamiko Rast, District 3 Representative
  36. Margie Matthews, District 4 Representative
  37. Jesus Flores, District 5 Representative
  38. Shawn Milligan, District 6 Representative
  39. Ray Bramson, District 7 Representative
  40. Bonnie Mace, District 8 Representative
  41. Susan Butler-Graham, District 9 Representative
  42. Roberta Moore, District 10 Representative