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Garden Gate Tower

sp18-001 and t18-001

The project includes development of a multifamily apartment building with ground floor neighborhood-oriented retail with two design options proposed: (1) Option 1: Traditional Multi-Family Development and (2) Option 2: Co-Living Community Option.

Option 1: Traditional Multi-Family Development – Development of a multi-family apartment building with up to 290 residential units and approximately 4,840 square feet of ground floor neighborhood oriented retail area. The total building area is approximately 513,333 square feet.

Option 2: Co-Living Community Option – Development of up to 850 bedrooms in a Co-Living Community configuration with a combined total of approximately 510,738 square feet (including open space areas). The ground level will include approximately 6,000 square feet of retail, lobby and a loading area.

Both options propose a development of a 27-floor building with a maximum height of approximately 283 feet. The buildings would have a similar footprint and design with the exception of some minor differences in the ground floor layout. Both options would also include the demolition of an existing two-story residential building (on the City’s Historic Resources Inventory), façade treatment to an existing single-story brick office building, and relocation of an on-site neon sign to the roof of the proposed development.


The 0.42-acre project site is comprised of two parcels located at the intersection of South First Street and East Reed Street, at 600 South First Street in downtown San José.


472-26-090 and 472-26-089

draft eir public comment period

July 15, 2019 to August 29, 2019



David Keyon
(408) 535-7898