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Negative Declaration / Initial Studies

Negative Declarations and Mitigated Negative Declarations are listed by project name in alphabetical order. Upon adoption, these documents will be removed from the website.

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6211 Santa Teresa Blvd Fuel Station Project
Glen Eyrie Residential
File Number Project Name
C16-041 & H16-032 1090 S. De Anza Boulevard Hotel Project
H16-004 1096 Lincoln Avenue Project
PD18-005 1299 Piedmont Avenue Car Wash
PDC18-005 & PD18-003 1495 S. Winchester Blvd. Mixed Use Development
PD18-044 1605 Industrial Avenue
CP19-021 2375 & 2395 South Bascom Ave Residential Care Facility
PDC18-016 & PD19-011 259 Meridian Mixed Use Project
C17-034, H18-007 & AT17-036
2905 Senter Road Commercial Plaza
C18-043 and SP18-049
355 S. Winchester Blvd. Office Project
4070 Williams Road General Plan Amendment
C18-029, H18-016 & H18-029 459 and 469 Piercy Road Hotel Projects
 GP18-013, C18-039, and SP18-060 615 Stockton Hotel Project
 CP18-011 6211 Santa Teresa Blvd Fuel Station Project
C16-012 & H14-036 945 Lincoln Avenue Redevelopment Project
CP17-056 967 Mabury Rd. Hazardous Waste Transfer Station
995 Oakland Road Car Wash and Hotel
C19-029 & SP19-023  Almaden Country Day School Master Plan
CP17-020 Almaden Expressway Convenience Store, Gas Station, and Car Wash Project
CPA13-072-02 Almaden Golf & Country Club
Alum Rock Family Housing Project
PP16-132 Alviso Park Master Plan Update
PP17-015 Amending Title 20 of the Municipal Code - Incidental Homeless Shelter
PP16-083 Amending Title 23 of the San Jose Municipal Code (Sign Code)
PP16-131 Amending Title 23 of the San Jose Municipal Code (Sign Code) - Supergraphics
PP18-058 Amendments for Signs on City-Owned Parcels
PDC14-058, PD14-047, and PT14-047 Araujo Street Subdivision
CP17-028 Arco Expansion on Quimby
CP14-056 ARCO Gas Station
PDC17-035 Bark Lane Residential Project 
SP18-048 Baywood Hotel Project
CP18-022 NEPA-Blossom HIll Mixed-Use Project
CP18-022, T18-034 Blossom Hill Mixed-Use Project
GP18-004 Campbell Union High School District General Plan Amendment
PDC15-022 Canyon Creek Plaza Retail / Commercial Building
CP17-023 Columbine Station Improvements Project
CP16-013 Downtown College Preparatory Relocation Project
PDC14-051/PD16-019 Dove Hill Medical Care Facility
PDC14-060 Edenvale Avenue Planned Development Rezoning Project
GPT15-007 and PDC15-067 Empire Lumber Mixed-Use Project and General Plan Text Amendment
SP15-031 Equinix Data Centers (SV-12, SV-13, and SV-14)
GP16-001 Evans Lane Housing project
GP16-013 & C17-032 Fourth and St. John General Plan Amendment and Rezoning
H18-047 Glen Eyrie Residential
PD18-040 Harker Expansion Project
PDC18-009/PD18-037/PT18-020 Hemlock Mixed-Use Project
PDC16-041, PD16-027, PT16-037 Horning Street Gas Station, Food, and Storage Project
CP19-020 Hummingbird Energy Storage Project
PP17-070 Medical and Non-Medical Marijuana/Cannabis Code Amendments
C15-034 900 Meridian Avenue Gas Station Rezoning
H17-040 Monterey Trojan Self Storage Project
GP17-002 Moorpark and Central General Plan Amendment
PDC17-050, PD17-024, PT17-054 Murphy Villas Subdivision
SP16-034 North 4th Street Hotel
CP11-034, PP16-056 North San Pedro Studios Affordable Housing Development
H18-053 Old Bayshore Highway Warehouse Project
SP17-037, AT18-012
Page Street Housing Project
SP16-016 Park and Delmas Mixed-Use Residential Project
SP18-008 Presentation High School Master Plan
CP20-003 (Previously H18-048) Public Storage on Capitol Expressway
PDC17-019 Race and Grand Residential Rezoning Project
Roosevelt Park Apartments Mixed-Use Development
GP16-011, C17-008, CP17-015 Rotten Robbie #67 Project
PP15-100 Santa Clara Inn/Casa Novo
GP18-015, PDC18-038, PD19-020, DA19-001 Santa Clara University Faculty Housing
PP14-005, PP16-009 San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility Cogeneration Project
PP15-120 San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility Construction-Enabling Improvements
PP15-055 San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility Digester and Thickener Facilities Upgrade Project
PP14-076 San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility Emergency Generators Package 2A Project
PP15-114 San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility Plant Instrument Air System Upgrade Project
PP17-047 San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility Pond A18 South Gate Levee Repair
C16-034/CP16-039 Senter Road Office Project
C19-029, CP19-024, PP18-037 Solar4America Ice Facility Expansion Project
PDC12-022 South Fourth Street Apartments
SP19-018 STACK Infrastructure Expansion
PDC18-025 Tamien Station Transit-Oriented Development
GPT16-001, PDC16-013 Topgolf @ Terra Project
H15-014 Tropicana Shopping Center Commercial Building
C17-012 & H17-019
Virginia Studios Project
GP17-004 VTA Cottle Road General Plan Amendment
H17-018, T16-050, CP17-005, ABC17-002 West San Carlos and Race Street Commercial Development Project



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