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RWF Pond A18 South Gate Levee Repair

File No. PP17-047

The proposed Project is a repair of failing sections of the levee on each side of the Pond A18 South Gate Structure. Portions of the original levee have eroded away. The City of San José (City) proposes to place sheet piles and backfill behind them within the original levee footprint to replace the eroded material and restore the South Gate Structure and its adjoining levee to its original size and allow it to function as it had prior to the erosive losses. The repair involves placing sheet piles into the levee so as to extend from a relatively undamaged portion of the levee, across the eroded/damaged area, and connect to each of the four wing walls of the existing South Gate Structure. There would thus be four rows of sheet piles, with each row being of different lengths to cross the voids of different sizes at each of the South Gate’s four corners. Construction would occur over a period of approximately 30 days.


San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility at South Gate of Pond A18, north of 700 Los Esteros Road, San Jose CA 95134. LAT/LONG: 37.441458, -121.958581

Public Comment Period

8/22/17-9/21/17 at 5 p.m.

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Environmental Project Manager

Kieulan Pham, contact at or at (408) 535-3844