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Start a New Project or Use

Application Forms and Appointments
Access planning application forms and an appointment system.

Fee Schedule
View the planning application filing fee schedule.

Resources Checklist
See the resources checklist to find out what's needed to get started with a property evaluation, project application, or other related tasks.

Planning Guides
Access several information brochures of various processes, regulations, and plans.

Development Policies
View common development-related policies from the Planning Director, Planning Commission, and City Council.

Design Guidelines
Access guidelines for design, construction, review and approval of development in San José.

Illustrative Diagrams
View helpful diagrams for a variety of planning and design situations.

Tract and Parcel Maps
Tract and Parcel Maps are maintained by the Santa Clara County Surveyor's Office. The San José Permit Center provides instructions to help you find your tract or parcel map.

Residential Exceptions
Exceptions to design standards and setbacks in the San José Municipal Code.

Developer High Rise Tool Kit
The High Rise Tool Kit provides a summary of the development policies associated with constructing high rises, and includes the key permitting issues from the Planning and Building divisions, Public Works, and the Fire Prevention Bureau.

Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone
See if you qualify for an Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone (UAIZ) Contract. which is a contract between the City and a property owner of vacant, unimproved, or blighted property whereby the property owner agrees to keep the property in active agricultural use for a period of five years in exchange for a property tax benefit.