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Electrical Items

  • It’s important to be aware of where your electrical panel is located. If it is located in your unit, knowing what the directory identifies your circuit breakers is helpful to identify what devices and equipment they control.

  • Some of breakers installed may have unique safety characteristics such as Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) and Arc Fault Circuit interrupters (AFCI). It is good to be aware of what circuits or outlets are GFCI protected. Sometimes these protective devices can open due to their sensitivity inadvertently. Knowing where these reset buttons are located can be helpful if you lose power to an outlet. If the device continues to open you should call a qualified person. The AFCI breakers designed to protect certain circuits may also open. If a AFCI breaker trips it could be a substantial issue, you should call a qualified person to identify and correct the issue. Do not continue to use equipment that may be faulty.

  • Your unit is also equipped with smoke detectors. These sometimes need to be maintained. If a smoke detector is beeping it may need the battery replaced. You should always read the manufactures instructions on how to do this and when unsure call a qualified person.

  • You’re heating and cooling (HAVC) equipment may not all be with in your unit. Some equipment may be located somewhere else in the building inaccessible to you. If any issues arise you should contact the building maintenance engineer. If your panel is equipped with lock-out devices do not remove them. These are safety devices for maintenance personnel.

  • Your unit is also equipped with energy efficient lighting and controls. These systems are designed to save energy. You should take the time to read the operation instructions from the manufacture so that you can better operate your lighting system.

  • It’s important to know your buildings emergency plan. Recognizing the building emergency alarm, where the exits are and only using the exit stairways (areas of refuge if you are unable). If there is an emergency be aware that your unit may not have lighting but the exit paths will be illuminated.

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