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City Service Areas

Key Business Lines

The City of San José integrates the services provided by individual departments into city service areas (CSA) reflecting the city's five key lines of business: Community Economic Development, Environmental and Utility Services, Public Safety, Neighborhood Services, and Transportation and Aviation Services. The strategic support city service area enables the five CSA’s to provide services to the community.

Community & Economic Development

Manages the growth and change of the City of San José in order to create and preserve healthy neighborhoods and ensure a diverse range of employment and housing opportunities. The projects contribute to the economic development of city areas. Typical capital improvement projects include Strong Neighborhoods and housing facade improvements and utility undergrounding projects.

Environmental & Utility Services

Preserves the city's utility infrastructure; Environmental Services manages and protects healthy streams, rivers, and marshlands; provides a safe, reliable, and sufficient water supply; and promotes clean and green air, land, and energy. Typical CIP projects include sanitary and storm sewer maintenance / rehabilitation.

Public Safety

Provides prevention and emergency response services for crime, fire, medical, hazardous, and disaster-related situations. The capital projects for the Fire and Police Departments includes: a public safety driver training facility, new and upgraded 9-1-1 communications facilities, an improved training center, a new police substation, new fire stations, new community policing centers, and upgrades to existing fire stations.

Neighborhood Services

Provides services and programs to individuals, families, groups, and their neighborhoods that make San José a desirable place to live. To residents, this means their neighborhoods are clean and safe, and their families can enjoy nearby parks, community centers, libraries, and a diverse range of recreational, arts, and cultural opportunities. New projects include libraries, trail improvements, neighborhood parks, community centers, and sports complexes.

Transportation & Aviation Services

Provides a safe and efficient transportation system for the City of San José. Transportation Services is dedicated to improving the entire transportation system, including freeways, transit, arterial streets, neighborhood streets, bicycle facilities, sidewalks, and parking. Projects include traffic calming improvements, traffic signals, street lighting, and roadway widening projects.

Operates and develops Mineta San José International Airport. Aviation Services strives to operate a user-friendly, safe, and secure facility, providing quality customer amenities and infrastructure to support global air service. Capital improvement projects include terminal buildings, runway extensions, and roadway improvements throughout the airport.

Strategic Support

Builds and maintains city facilities, manages the city's financial and technology systems to make sure the city has qualified, well-trained employees to deliver quality services. Capital improvement projects in this service area include the San José Convention Center expansion and renovation, and communications infrastructure.