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California law requires that you call two (2) working days, not including the date of notification, before your planned excavation. If you are digging because of an emergency, you are not required by law to call. However, an emergency situation does not relieve you of financial responsibilities for damaging underground facilities.  You should still consider calling in order to prevent damaging any other underground lines near your emergency dig site.

Underground Service Alert (USA) Website

Always refer to the latest California Excavation Manual located on the USA website.

City of San José Marking Responsibilities:

  • Electrical - streets lights, traffic signals, and communications
  • Irrigation
  • Reclaimed Water
  • San Jose Municipal Water
  • Force Main Sanitary Sewer

The City of San José is NOT Responsible for Marking:

  • Gravity Flow Facilities (i.e. storm, sanitary, laterals, etc.)
  • Private or Public Company owned facilities in the right-of-way

Important requirements of the law to keep in mind:

  • Outline your excavation area with white paint
  • Call Underground Service Alert ("USA") two working days before you dig: 811 or 1-800-227-2600
  • The USA request number is valid for 28 calendar days, if your excavation extends beyond that you must contact USA every 28 days.
  • Keep the USA request number to validate your excavation permit.
  • The USA members will provide information about, mark or stake the horizontal path of their facilities, or will advise of clearance.
  • Expose the underground facilities by hand before using power equipment.