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Prevailing Wage

Public works projects are performed under contract and paid in whole or in part by public funds. Contractors and subcontractors that are awarded these projects are required to pay their workers prevailing wage rates. These wage rates vary according to crafts and are determined by the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR). The Office of Equality Assurance (OEA) is responsible for ensuring wage compliance for the City's public works contracts. OEA maintains compliance by the following process:

Step 1: Wage Classification Determination

Award winners must determine the appropriate craft and classification of their workers based on the DIR prevailing wage determination. Learn more about worker classifications.

Step 2: Labor Compliance Forms

Labor Compliance forms are provided to contract award winners and submitted to OEA. Learn more about Labor Compliance forms.

Step 3: Certified Payroll Reporting

Contractors and subcontractors begin a routine of submitting certified payroll reports to OEA. Learn more about Certified Payroll Reporting.