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Weed Control

Program Details

Successful weed control requires the efforts, cooperation, and collaboration of city departments, residents, and other government agencies.

Weed control provides:

  • Fire safety
  • Nice looking neighborhoods
  • Clean streets
  • Healthy living

More information about weeds and other invasive plants of California can be found on the website of the California Invasive Plant Council.

Our weed control program encompasses a proactive approach to maintain a controlled weed environment as well as responding to resident’s observations and concerns. When making inquiries about weed control, please contact the following for:

Undeveloped Right-of-Ways

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Landscape Inspection Section, (408) 794-1907.
  • City owned property and undeveloped parkland is maintained by us. Our Weed Abatement Program works with a contractor to spray pre and post emergent, tractor mow, and hand work approximately 947 acres citywide.

Roadway or Median Islands

  • DOT Landscape Maintenance Section, (408) 975-7165.
  • We maintain and eradicate weeds located on roadways and median islands by spraying areas with pre and post emergent. Mechanical or manual removal of weeds is not performed as part of the weed abatement program.

Sidewalk Access Blocked

  • DOT Sidewalk Section, (408) 794-1901.
  • Property owners are responsible to provide clear and unobstructed access to the sidewalks adjacent their property. We notify and enforce compliance of these issues.

Private Property

  • Planning, Building and Code Enforcement Department, (408) 535-7770.
  • The Code Enforcement Division works in partnership with residents to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living environment by informing and enforcing the removal of hazardous weeds on private developed property.