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  • Call our 24/7 number: (408) 794-1900 

 Pavement MAINTENANCE Program 

Our pavement maintenance program is about to make history, with a roughly 280-mile pavement maintenance program in 2019. This begins a nine-year program to repave every mile of local and neighborhood streets in our city, while continuing to care for our major streets as well. 

Lots of repaving means frequent parking restrictions, multiple detours, dust, and noise. Be prepared by clicking on our pavement projects map to see which streets are scheduled this year. If you see a street of interest to you, check out our weekly pavement updates on the right side of your screen, under "News & Announcements" to learn about our paving activities as they move through San José. 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we bring new life to hundreds of miles of San José streets!

Read more details about this year's pavement program:


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Paving - 2019 and Beyond

Paving - 2019 and Beyond Spanish

Paving - 2019 and Beyond Vietnamese

About our Pavement Maintenance Program

We maintain over 2,400 miles of street pavement, including:


We perform inspections to:

  • Track network condition.
  • Identify conditions that have negative impacts on safety, durability, and appearance.

Inspections are performed by City staff and consultants.

Preventive Maintenance

If performed before the road begins to break up, preventative maintenance is the most cost-effective way to maintain pavement.

  • Extends the life of the road and keeps it looking and riding in like-new condition.
  • Treatments performed to increase the life of the roadway:
    • Include chip sealing, slurry sealing, and resurfacing.
    • Prevent water from entering the roadway, which can cause early failure.
    • Can extend the useful life of roads from 20 to 100 years if maintained regularly.

The 2016 Arterial Resurfacing was partially funded by a grant from CalRecycle. By using rubberized hot mixed asphalt in the paving material, approximately 130,000 California waste tires will be diverted from the waste stream by this project.

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Pavement Reconstruction

When the condition of a street reaches the point where preventive maintenance is no longer cost-effective, reconstruction is required.

  • Reconstruction involves removing the entire roadway structure and replacing it.
  • Repairs of this scope are 6 to 10 times more expensive than preventative maintenance.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is work identified during inspections or in response to a citizen’s concern, including:

  • Pothole repair.
  • Full depth dig outs.

Bridge Maintenance

We own and maintains 165 vehicular bridges that carry traffic on city streets.

  • To report damaged bridge railings, deck surfaces, fencing, or sidewalk on or near a vehicular bridge, please call (408) 794-1900.
  • The City also owns and maintains pedestrian bridges often found in parks or near schools. To report damage to a pedestrian bridge, please contact the Neighborhood Parks Division at (408) 793-5510.