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Caltrain Peninsula Corridor Electrification

The Caltrain Corridor will be electrified from San Francisco’s 4th and King Caltrain Station to San José’s Tamien Caltrain Station, converting today’s diesel trains to electric, and increasing service up to six trains per peak hour per direction. Electrified trains will travel up to 79 mph, which is the same as today’s maximum speed. Caltrain oversees this project.

Caltrain in San José

  • Trees have been trimmed to make room for the electric system components and 360 pole foundations are being poured to prepare for installation of the Overhead Contact System, which will provide power to the new trains.
  • Poles to carry the electrical wiring will be installed along the track in San José this year. The poles and wires themselves will be installed later in 2018.
  • A power substation will be built to serve the system.

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