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Waste Reduction & Recycling in Schools

Recycling In Your School

Recycling Supplies
The City of San José provides free recycling supplies to schools through the Resource Area for Teachers (RAFT). Use this form to make a request for free recycling supplies.

Recycling Collection
The San Jose Conservation Corps receives grant funding to provide recycling services throughout Santa Clara County. The ability to accommodate schools is based on a material evaluation analysis and grant funding availability. For more information, contact the San Jose Conservation Corps at (408) 283-7171.

E-Waste Recycling
If your school has e-waste, the San Jose Conservation Corps may be able to provide free pickup services for your campus. Please call (408) 283-7171 and ask for the Recycling Department. The Corps will be glad to schedule an on-site evaluation of your e-waste material and determine if they can provide your school with this free recycling service.

California Law Regarding Mandatory Recycling
The State of California (CalRecycle) provides information about recycling and composting laws and offers resources to help schools and school districts meet recycling requirements.