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San José community leads on climate change

The fight against climate change grows more urgent every day. 

Climate Smart San José, adopted by the City Council in 2018, lays out how we are doing our part to address climate change. It’s a communitywide initiative to reduce air pollution, save water and improve quality of life.

Climate Smart San José is one of the first detailed city plans for reaching the targets of the international Paris Agreement. To get there, Climate Smart sets ambitious goals for energy, water, transportation and local jobs. 

Learn more about Climate Smart’s key strategies, bold campaigns and our progress to meet our greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

How can you help?

Sign up for the Climate Smart Challenge! It’s a fun and easy way to track your carbon footprint, lower your bills and make a difference in your community.

Our Climate Smart community playbooks also offer useful tips and resources for being Climate Smart (English|Spanish |Vietnamese).


We’re grateful to our stakeholders and community partners who have supported Climate Smart San José and participated in its creation.

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