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Building Contractors: Contact each of the PACE loan providers and ask how to get on their approved contractor lists.

Property Assessed Clean Energy


Recently, a postcard was mailed to homes in various San José zip codes by The City did not authorize this mailing, and does not endorse the statements made in the postcard. For information concerning energy and water efficiency financing options, please go to

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Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing

Legislation passed by the State of California enables San José property owners to finance a wide range of energy- and water-efficiency upgrades by attaching this financing to the property tax bill. This type of financing is referred to as a PACE loan. Upgrades such as solar installations, attic insulation, energy efficient windows, water-on-demand water heaters, grey water systems, paving, and more are covered.

About PACE Loans

Through a PACE loan, property owners can defer upfront costs of the installment of an eligible improvement. The PACE loan can be paid over time on your property tax bill. If you sell your property before the PACE loan is repaid, it may be possible through negotiation for the remaining debt to transfer to the new owner.


The City of San José is neither the sponsor nor the provider of the PACE loan programs listed below. The decision to enter into a PACE loan is a significant financial decision that should only be made after reading the PACE loan documents so that you understand your obligations. You may also wish to seek professional advice from an attorney or tax adviser before entering into a PACE loan. In the event that you default on repaying a PACE loan, the PACE loan provider can foreclose on your property. The City of San José does not endorse any of the PACE programs listed below.

PACE Providers

In San José, property owners can choose from the below providers:


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