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Report and Prevent Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping occurs when people dump large amounts of garbage such as furniture, appliances, and hazardous waste instead of using the City’s garbage and recycling services. Placing these items on the curb without scheduling a junk pickup appointment is also illegal dumping.

Learn how to:

Keep Litter Out of Creeks

Litter is small amounts of trash that pollute our streets and creeks.

If you see litter, please pick it up and put it in a trash can before it is swept into a storm drain and washed into the nearest creek.

To report a vandalized or damaged trash can (public litter can), please complete the Public Litter Can Service Request form.

Report Dumping into Storm Drains

To report illegal dumping in or near storm drains in streets, parking lots, parks, shopping centers, parking lots, etc.:


Volunteers in Los Gatos Creek.You can help clean up trash in our creeks by volunteering with:

To help pick up litter on streets, trails, and in our parks, you can volunteer with City of San José's Adopt-A-Park/Adopt-A-Trail or Anti-Litter programs.

Share Your Litter Cleanup Accomplishments

Show San José that you care by sharing your accomplishments and photos on social media, tagging @SJEnvironment on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and using the hashtag #KeepSJClean. Together we can make a difference!