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Construction & Demolition Diversion (CDD) Program

City Hall is closed to the public starting March 17 as a precautionary measure in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. The CDD Program will be unable to process and receive applications between Tuesday, March 17 through at least Tuesday, April 7. Thank you for your understanding.

More than 30% of landfill waste is construction and demolition (C&D) debris. The CDD program ensures that at least 75% of this waste is recovered and diverted from landfills.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which haulers can I use to take my C&D waste to a Certified Facility?
    Please see this list of Authorized Construction and Demolition Haulers List.
  2. Which Certified Facilities can I haul my waste to in order to recover my CDD Deposit?
    Waste can be hauled to a City-Certified Facilities only on this map.
  3. Is there a difference between an authorized hauler and a city certified facility?
    Yes, there is a difference. An authorized hauler provides debris boxes for C&D material, storage and/or transportation/logistics to the recycling facilities. A certified facility is required to recycle 75% of C&D material. An authorized hauler may also operate their own recycling operation, but it might not be City certified. To ensure compliance with San Jose’s CDD Program, check the most updated list of authorized haulers and the complete map of City Certified Facilities.
  4. Is there a difference between a City certified and permitted State facility? 
    Yes, the City of San Jose has its own certification program which is different from permitting of facilities conducted by the State of California. In order to be eligible for your CDD Deposit, confirm the facility you use to recycle your C&D material is a City Certified facility, and that at least 50% of the waste generated from your project will be diverted from landfill disposal (Municipal Code – 9.10.2440).
  5.  Can I reuse or donate my C&D waste?
    Yes, materials reused or donated comply with the CDD program, with the proper documentation. For additional information, please see Building Permit Holders.
  6. How do I receive my refunded deposit for my completed project?
    You must comply with the CDD program to receive either a Certificate of Final Occupancy or a refund if you paid a deposit. For program requirements and further information, please see Building Permit Holders.
  7. What types of waste diversion facilities are certified?
    The following four types of waste facilities can be certified: Administrative, Transfer Only, Transfer Station/Processing, and Landfills/Processing. For more information, please see Certified Waste Diversion Facilities.
  8. How can I certify my waste diversion facility to become part of the CDD Program?
    Please complete and submit a C&D Recycling Facility application form (Microsoft Word document). The City will review the application, request and analyze data, visit the facility and determine if the facility is granted City certification status.


San José is conducting a pilot program with GreenHalo Systems to simplify your project waste and recycling reporting via paperless, online submissions.