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Mandatory Recycling & Organics - AB 341 & AB 1826

It's the Law!

Assembly Bill 341 - Mandatory Recycling (Plastics, Paper, Metal, Glass, etc.)

On July 1, 2012, California Assembly Bill (AB) 341 went into effect requiring all businesses that generate four or more cubic yards of garbage per week and multi-family dwellings with five or more units to recycle. Businesses include, but are not limited to, office buildings, retail, restaurants, nonprofits, and strip malls. Multi-family dwellings include apartment buildings and attached single-family dwellings such as townhouses, condominiums, and mobile home parks, in which the units do not receive separate or individual solid waste collection service.

Assembly Bill 1826 – Mandatory Organics Recycling (Food Scraps & Yard Trimmings)

In October 2014, California Assembly Bill (AB) 1826 was approved, and requires all businesses and multi-family dwellings with five or more units that generate four or more cubic yards of garbage per week to recycle their organic waste. Businesses are required to recycle food scraps and yard trimmings and multi-family dwellings required to recycle yard trimmings by January 1, 2019.

These new laws help to:

  • Reduce materials that go to landfill
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Conserve resources
  • Produce renewable energy and fuel
  • Encourage infrastructure development in California
  • Increase production of compost and mulch in accordance with California Assembly Bill (AB) 32

How to Comply


Great news, all San José businesses are in compliance with AB 341 and AB 1826 by receiving collection service from Republic Services. All the material collected at your business is processed locally at the Newby Island Resource Recovery Park. Recyclable material is separated by type, baled, and sold to recycled-content manufacturers. Food waste and other organic material is separated and sent to an anaerobic digestion facility.

For more information contact Republic Services at (408) 432-1234.

Green, Wet Garbage BinDry, Blue Garbage BinCustomized, White Garbage Bin

Multi-Family Dwellings

Tenants should separate their recyclable materials and place them in the white recycling bins or blue recycling carts. Multi-family dwellings utilizing GreenWaste Recovery or Republic Services for their yard trimmings are in compliance with AB 1826.

If you do not currently receive recycling bin or cart service at your complex, call GreenTeam of San Jose at (408) 282-4400.

Woman throwing away their garbage in a white bin.MFD_Recycling_Carts

For any questions or concerns about AB 341 and/or AB 1826 contact the City at