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San José encourages all businesses to save water. Please follow these rules as they apply to your business:

  1. Be cool – water when it’s coolest. Outdoor watering hours are restricted to before 10 a.m. and after 8 p.m. when using a sprinkler system. Sprinklers cannot run more than 15 minutes per station. The mandatory water day schedule is no longer in effect as of March 28, 2017.
  2. Be a sweeper – sweep hard surfaces
  3. Be in control – don't let water flow into gutters.
  4. Be quick – find and fix leaks as soon as possible. If notified of a leak in your system, fix it within 5 working days. Find out how to detect water leaks and fix them.
  5. Be precise – provide customers with water only upon request.
  6. Be efficient – use low-flow spray valves when washing dishes by hand. Hand-held spraying fixtures for dishwashing must be fitted with low-flow spray valves that automatically shut off.
  7. Be selective – make daily towel and linen service optional. Hotels must offer guests the option to help save water by having fresh towel and linen service only upon request.
  8. Be a recycler – car washes must use recycling equipment, a bucket and hand-washing, or a hose with shut-off nozzle.
  9. Be water smart – help save drinking water. Be sure to choose another source of water if available for construction or building purposes.
  10. Be resourceful – use recycled water for approved commercial uses including irrigation, cooling towers, and construction activities. For more information visit South Bay Water Recycling.

More Tips to Preserve Our Drinking Water

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To Report Water Waste

Report water waste in Santa Clara County to the Santa Clara Valley Water District: