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South Bay Water Recycling
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What is Recycled Water?

Recycled water is wastewater that has been processed and treated to a suitable quality for non-drinking use, such as irrigating golf courses, parks, schools, business parks, and agricultural land.

In the South Bay, recycled water is produced at the San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility (RWF), one of the largest such treatment facilities in California. Learn more about the RWF's purification and disinfection process.

About South Bay Water Recycling

South Bay Water Recycling (SBWR) is the regional permit holder for recycled water in San José, Santa Clara and Milpitas, ensuring compliance with State regulations for recycled water quality and use.

SBWR is a recycled water wholesaler to four retailers: San Jose Water Company, San José Municipal Water, City of Santa Clara, and City of Milpitas. Customers buy recycled water from the retailer in their location.

SBWR’s recycled water system consists of over 150 miles of pipeline, five pump stations, and 10 million gallons of storage in reservoirs. The purple pipes you see around the South Bay? That’s recycled water from SBWR.

SBWR delivers more than four billion gallons of recycled water per year to more than 900 commercial customers, an average of 11 million gallons a day! 

For general information contact SBWR at:
South Bay Water Recycling
3025 Tuers Rd, San José, CA 95121
Phone: (408) 535-3500 - Fax: (408) 292-6731 - Email

Why is Recycled Water Produced?

Recycled water production is a requirement of the RWF discharge permit. It also helps preserve our region's precious drinking water supply.

Read about the future of recycled water in the area in the 2014 Strategic Master Plan and Appendices.

Are You a Customer of One of the SBWR Retailers?

Visit the SBWR customer page for training dates, the annual site inspection report, and other information.

How Can I Get Recycled Water?

Recycled water from SBWR is for commercial sites only. Commercial customers may be eligible to receive recycled water if:

  1. The water retailer in that location has availability. Contact the water retailer to determine availability.
  2. The site is feasible based on the proximity to the recycled water pipeline.