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Water Quality Lab

The Facility’s water quality laboratory plays a critical role in protecting public and environmental health, testing more than 70,000 samples per year to meet strict state and federal standards for discharged wastewater.

Highly qualified lab technicians, chemists, biologists, microbiologists and aquatic toxicologists analyze wastewater and industrial waste samples before, during, and after treatment, checking Facility performance around the clock. Laboratory staff also monitor Bay water quality and participate in national, state, and regional research projects with entities including the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the San Francisco Estuary Institute, and the California Water Environment Association. Learn more about the laboratory.

In 2015 the lab was ranked in the top 25% internationally in an independent comparison study on testing for total mercury and methyl mercury. Data from the lab are used in Facility operations and in several monthly reports, including Facility Self-Monitoring reports, EPA Wastewater Discharge Monitoring reports, and Recycled Water Quality Information reports.